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This page contains links to audio recordings of sermons preached and classes taught at the South Brooke church.  Click the appropriate link next to the recording to which you would like to listen.  You can also subscribe to our multimedia RSS feed so you know when we've published new media files.

5/4/2008 WWJD Darell Christopher
4/27/2008 Genesis - Sarai Takes Over Bob Herndon
4/20/2008 Genesis - The Covenant With Abram and Sarai Bob Herndon
4/6/2008 Genesis - Calling Abram and Sarai Bob Herndon
3/30/2008 A Two Anchor Hope Bob Herndon
3/30/2008 Genesis - Rise and Fall of the Tower Bob Herndon
3/16/2008 Genesis - Look God! Its A Rainbow! Bob Herndon
3/9/2008 Genesis - Starting Over Bob Herndon
3/2/2008 Murder in the First Bob Herndon
2/24/2008 Genesis - Snake in the Grass Bob Herndon

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